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  • "Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Better Health"
  • "Try to get Nine Servings of Vegetables and Fruits Daily for Optimum Health"
  • "Restore Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes"
  • "Utilize acupuncture to assist healing"
  • "Planting a Family Garden"

Welcome To My Health & Wellness Website

If you're looking for safe, natural ways to care for you or your family's health challenges, I am here to help. I've been helping my patients to recover from illnesses and achieve optimal health and wellness with natural therapies for over 28 years. I can help you too. Welcome to my website for your health and wellness needs.


Is an Integrative Functional Nutritionist right for you?!

• Have you been looking for solutions for your health concerns for awhile without getting resolutions?

• Have you seen numerous health care providers without getting the results for your health issues?

• Do you need help; making sense of the testing results and recommendations from multiple providers each with a different idea what is really bothering you?

• Are you ready to discover the most effective healer is inside you and the most powerful medicines are found in your kitchen?

• Are you ready to learn to take back control of your own health with Nature as your guide?

The path to Optimal Health lies within the healing power of nature- nutrition, positive thinking and effective physical movement.